20,000 Acres for Sale in Plains, Virginia During 1814

The first settlers to venture beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains were those families from the Germantown settlement to the south. These included the Fishbacks, Holtzclaws, Glascocks, Siers (Sayers), Hitts, and Leach. In 1726 and 1727, the Reverend Alexander Scott aquired two grants totaling 3,533 acres within the present town limits. William Carr, by 1769, had purchased a total of 1,000 acres from John Siers and his neighbor Richard Hailey. The two parcels called White Plains Farm, bordered an old, heavily traveled trail which later became the corner of Main Street and Halfway Road in The Plains. Mostly, the land was owned by absentee land lords and the homes which were built there were small structures. During the 18th and 19th centuries, land in the region was either sold or passed on to a son of the absentee landlord. By an Act of the Virginia Assembly, Richard Apperson, William Birchett, George Somerville, John G. Baptist, Stephen Pool and Howell P. Harper, gentleman, were selected as trustees to creat the town of Clarkesville (in Mecklenburg County) during 1817. www.virginiapioneers.net/counties/countymecklenburg.html