They called me Harambe
Danna Colman

I hurt and understand both sides being a parent and animal lover. On one side I understand that had it been my child and on the other as for the gorilla. Why was the zoo not more prepared? Why couldn’t he have been shot with a tranquilizer or anything other than the outcome? He didn’t ask for any of this and paid the ultimate price. But had it been my child could I have asked for anything less? In the world we live in today there has got to be more to the answer. As a child I loved the zoo without thought of what the animals are put thru and go thru being there. Maybe without any better answers in this day and time we should just close them all and like almost everything else just learn about animals life on the internet. Maybe that’s the safest way to go until we can figure out a better way to handle these situations. It’s just a bad day on both points of view.

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