Your Digital Marketing Goals For 2015

There is only a few days left until the New Year. Which means it is time for many to set resolutions to carry out for the next 12 months. As stated in my first post of January 2014, I like to use the word goals instead of resolutions. It makes it feel more official. In my last post I spoke of “The One Resolution You Should Make for Your Business This Year”.

What about your personal goals? How about your digital media footprint? What if you put that weight loss resolution on hold and try something new?

Think about setting goals to better enhance your social media profiles for 2015. Tweet This

I have taken it upon myself to come up with a few for the main digital media platforms. These are just some suggestions you can take to enhance your online presence. I wish you a wonderful New Year and hope that 2015 is the best year for you yet!


  • Clean up your news feed. Subscribe to those you want to follow, to ensure that they show up in your feed. Unfollow (or hide) those who give no value or annoy you. Unlike pages that you no longer find an interest in.
  • Start creating lists and categorize friends into specific news feeds. Read more.
  • Join one interest group and become a contributing member to expand your presence. Read more.


  • Organize your current Followers into lists. Adopt the practice of immediately adding new Followers to specific lists. Read more.
  • Follow and communicate with superstars in your industry.
  • Host, or take part in, a Twitter Party to extend your reach and connect with others. Read more.


  • Set a yearly Connection goal and then break it into smaller weekly or monthly targets.
  • Slowly update your current profile, network with others and build your profile in weekly increments.
  • Start writing in the new LinkedIn Blog. Read more.


  • Create an account, if you haven’t already.
  • Make your description keyword-friendly. This will also help with your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.
  • Post more consistently.


  • Organize your boards into a logical order.
  • Create a group board and reach out to others to connect.
  • Make a vision board for 2015.


  • Research other bloggers in your area of interest. Create a wish list of items you would like to add to your own blog. Slowly add those features and test them out.
  • Connect with others. Whether it is guest posting on another’s blog, hosting or co-hosting a link party/Twitter chat, or just following and commenting on others’ blogs.
  • **Buy Just A Girl And Her Blog‘s — eBook “Building a Framework, Everything I Learned My First Year of Blogging.” I purchased this book the first week Abby released it. This eBook helped me tremendously in taking my blog to the next level. **This link is an affiliate link.

I have given you a long list of goals. Do not try to add all these features at once. Choose the ones that make sense to you. Maybe try a new goal each month. Perhaps there is something that isn’t listed but you have wanted to add? Finally take on that project!

The best thing you can do to enhance your digital presence, is to slowly evolve at a pace you are comfortable with. Tweet This

Most importantly — track the changes to see if they work for your social media or blogging accounts. Keep the ones that work, ditch the ones that don’t and continue to evolve!

Wishing You A Fabulous New Year!

Originally published at on December 28, 2014.