Increasing the size of a volume, connected to your droplet, is easy with digitalocean.

Note that it is recommended to shutdown your connected droplet before resizing a volume.

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The only issue is that though you increased the size of your volume, the newly available space will not reflect into any of your droplets until you have changed the partition table. But this is as easy as running one simple command, if your partition is ext4-based:

sudo resize2fs /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-MY_VOLUME

More information can be found here:

If you are generating a lot of files in Xojo to be downloaded, it makes sense to zip your files, so that the end-user has only to download one file.

You can easily achieve this with MonkeyBread’s MBS Plugin: ArchiveWriterMBS, which you can download here.

The following code is showing how to create 3 text files in-memory. These files are then getting compressed in-memory and then automatically downloaded. This project is for Xojo Web 2.0 but will work as well for Desktop Apps with a few changes.

You need to create the following properties in Xojo’s IDE:

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If you want to use the fantastic DynaPdf Xojo Plugin from MBS be aware that you have to tell the plugin where to find the fonts.

It is documented in the plugin but a bit hard to find, and that sad news are that you won’t get an error message, the creation of the pdf is just not working.

Installing the Microsoft fonts on Ubuntu

It is a simple as executing the following command:

You will find the newly installed fonts under the following path:


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Customization in Xojo

Ensure that you are telling the plugin where to find the fonts. In the above example your Xojo Code has to look like follows:


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