Oakland Schools brings together businesses, educators to connect STUDENTS to CAREERS

Oakland Schools celebrates 12 years of innovative career technical education fueled by real-world business expertise…

Oakland Schools brought together dozens of business and industry leaders, career technical educators and higher education professionals for the Oakland County Regional Advisory Meeting on Nov. 14.

The event on Monday included a dinner and keynote speech about the importance of career technical education to Michigan’s economic transformation by Patty Cantú, the Director for the Office of Career and Technical Preparation at the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth. The event also included breakout sessions for educators and business leaders to talk about industry-specific trends and share ideas.

“As Michigan forges ahead with its economic recovery, we at Oakland Schools are working to grow the diversified workforce of tomorrow to come back stronger than ever,” said Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson, Superintendent of Oakland Schools. “It’s important to build and attract the talent of the future and build Michigan’s workforce from the ground up, brick by brick, student by student.”

The business leaders who attended included those in the areas of health care, information technology, business finance and marketing. Leaders in the automotive and construction industries also attended.

“The learning experiences for our students wouldn’t be as current or relevant without the input of our business partners who are leaders in their fields right now,” Cook-Robinson said. “The partnerships we have built form the link between a top-notch education and good-paying careers for all students, not just a few.”

“It is through the expertise and commitment of our business partners that Oakland County schools are able to stay ahead of the curve and strive for the goal of making Michigan a top 10 education state in 10 years,” Cook-Robinson said. “They ensure students can hit the ground running on their career path — while ensuring local businesses have a stable, well-trained work force.”


Oakland Schools, one of 56 intermediate school districts (ISDs), was established in Michigan in 1962. ISDs are regional service agencies that offer support services to school personnel that are best delivered regionally, as measured by cost, size and quality advantages. Oakland Schools is an autonomous, tax-supported public school district governed by Michigan General School Laws.

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