I’ve recently been focusing on advancing my python learning through a variety of online web-sites and courses. I have zero coding and or programming experience so I tried different resources to see which ones helped me go from beginner to intermediate.

Here’s a review of the different resources/web-sites I’ve tried. I also recommend going to a study group to share and talk to others about which sites they’ve found best for learning python.

Online Resources

  1. Udemy The Python Course Bible

This is a project based python learning course. I liked this a lot because the project approach is more hands-on and helps me see what I can do in Python. The pacing is great, not too fast and not too slow and very well explained. Another plus of the course is the aspect of demonstrating how to slice or convert a number to a decimal and then pauses to let the learner practice.

The only downside is that sometimes I found that typing out the code in the console versus a text editor and then running the program had some bugs. When there was an error in the console that I knew wasn’t because of my code, I tried it in sublime and when the execution was correct I realized that the console can be challenging at times.

Also, one tip that I picked up from Learn Python the Hard Way to keep going was helpful and useful in the learning. When I encountered problems that weren’t resolved, I would add a bookmark at the module and exercise noting which areas to review. This is a great mental note for oneself when reviewing previous modules to see which areas were problematic and need continuous review to ensure the foundation and understanding was correct.

2. Learn Python the Hard Way

I like the exercises and the strategies for doing them in the beginning but found that at the rate I was going especially with taking my time re-reviewing exercises that were difficult seemed like a very slow approach. However, the exercises are great in that it gave me a great introduction to learning Python that I remembered when I was doing the Udemy course. In addition, some of the exercises had an additional extra credit component to make it more challenging.

3. Practice Python

The web-site includes a lot of great exercises and the chilli peppers are a great indication for level of difficulty. I liked the variety of exercises and the difficulty level was a good way for me to look at which ones I could easily do versus the harder ones.

4. Codecademy Learn Python

I’ve used their SQL lesson to refresh my knowledge and found the Python one better. It was comprehensive and the explanations were very thorough. I liked using this as a very basic Python overview to see the various ways a program can be written. This further helped cement and solidify my basic knowledge and coding skills in Python before I decided to move at a faster pace to a project focus instead of just practicing various exercises.

Oftentimes when I found myself stuck, Google & Stack Overflow was helpful too. But being able to ask someone in person to explain where my code went wrong was even better because it allowed me to see the error in my code and talk to someone about how to write it better.

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