Must. Not. Vomit.

I kept repeating in my head. Still did I, secretly during a break. Also needed to wait until all classmates had left, to wipe the blood off my seat. I’d rather die than let them see my pants.

Classmate offered a ride home on his bicycle. My extreme tummy cramp went crazy at every road bump. 15 minutes felt like 3 hours. He dropped me at the house, said “I know you have period, my big sister is sick every month too. It’s bad to be girls.” Then I fainted.


And every month is a different story.

One month I took 6 different pain-killer pills and still struggled. One month I fainted while driving to a client meeting. One month I had hallucination from the medication and slept for 20 hours. One month I had my period during a flight, and for the first time in life vomited on an airplane. One month I had my period during an important school marching performance, had to call for absence, and the whole class hated me. One month we went for vacation and I couldn’t use the hotel pool for the whole stay. One month I washed 2 bed sheets in 3 days. One month, I had to stand straight and be all smiley for 6 client meetings in a row while I felt like punches in my lower back. One month I ate and vomited because of menstrual pain, then fainted because I didn’t eat. One month, the doctor thought I had kidney failure because I bled for 10 days heavily. One month, I thought it was over, so I wore bright pants, which didn’t end beautifully. One month, my period came, I vomited, then hoorayed “yay not pregnant”, and passed out.

And every woman has different stories of the times she bleeds. I’ve seen my friends faint. Cry. Scream. Vomit. Pass out. Suffer. Embarrass. Worry.


Now go ahead, ask “Why are women so fragile?” when I say I’m tired during my period.