1. The first time I saw you, I thought your beard and hair bun were super sexy. And your legs.
  2. We first met in an Arts Museum. I figured Arts was not your thing. But we instead discussed Arts history, and once you said there was no war or government that could make you kill another human.
  3. You know a lot of things. You’ve taught me a great deal. For example, WHEY is a kind of protein, and milk doesn’t expire that quickly.
  4. Your accent is surprisingly understandable. No offense to other Aussies.
  5. You asked to take photos of me. No one has ever found me appealing enough for photos.
  6. You are a good writer with the kind of dark humour I like.
  7. You’ve seen me vomit and you still love me.
  8. Second date when you brought one friend and I brought like 15 friends. At the end of the evening almost all of them texted me ‘He likes you ehhhhhh”. How can a person be so adorably obvious?
  9. How you got me into going home with you the first time: “You need to listen to my awesome earphones”. Sure. Haha.
  10. You challenge people of their misbehaviour. So few people are that brave.
  11. You observe and ask many questions. The curiosity in you is strong.
  12. Sex with you never lacks intimacy.
  13. You don’t feel the need of socializing, but if you are around someone you pay attention to them and their feelings.
  14. I can be quiet when I’m with you. You don’t force me to talk. I hate talking.
  15. You are easily annoyed, but are patient enough to wait for things to resolve.
  16. You congratulate me on the progress I make at work.
  17. You don’t spend excessive money on unnecessary stuffs.
  18. You value freedom, and you are quite successful in achieving freedom in your career.
  19. You spend time getting to know people. You never get drawn into talking too much about yourself.
  20. You love food. You eat what I cook.
  21. You come out of your way to be with me.
  22. You’re never jealous. You trust me.
  23. You’re willing to listen to and advise people. You have genuine nature to help.
  24. You work hard to keep us connected despite the distance.
  25. You never forget to compliment me.
  26. You do yoga, you meditate, you exercise, you care about your mental and physical health.
  27. You’re kind to almost everyone, especially animals and children.

I’m a salesperson, so I always prepare for the worst. At times when I can’t remember why anymore, I’ll read again this list, and if it’s still true, everything will still be alright.


Today I’ve updated this list, and it breaks my heart that I will no longer add anything else on it. I hope someone else will see all of these beautiful things I used to love in you, and I hope you will never stop being so kind and loving and caring to them.

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