Scandinavian Rus Royalty son Putin; geopolitical bomshell

Putin is said to be from the Rurikid Princes Putyanin. Which makes classic Europe his cousins. Rurikid/Gedtninid dynasty commands huge reverence through their legendary heroes, backbone of much of European civilisation. They are possibly the most prestigious long serving European dynasty, augmented by the occupation of the Kremlin by Putin, today.

This brings a new eclairage to Putin s behaviour, his defense of traditional European values and morals, suddendly feel deeply authentic.

Prince Putin is now commanding natural leadership on immemorial Europe.

This reverses the Sino Russian relationship; the supposed Chinese big brother are now benjamin.

This makes any US_ Israel backed_constant attack against Russian command look like opportunist adventurers toxic plot, after world riches domination, a sad infantile enterprise.

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