Love Poem

Oh sweet love, you have come to my life in times of turmoil, only to last a day and night, leaving me astray at your dismissal, and leaving me alone and now devoted to finding passion and fire with another soul who can make my nights feeling like pure ecstasy at the sight of seeing you again. The riddles of life are meaningless without some sweet love to whom my heart craves with the brightening of the stars and moon at my sight. Going out to downtown in the hopes of finding the spark of my life is what I do at week’s end as a single soul or with humble company, mindlessly talking to the unknown for a complex connection by asking futile questions but in the mist of drunken money driven superficial ones. Oh what a task and for what, shouldn’t sweet love come by itself at the strangest of time. This to me is a mysterious arrival which make day and night feel heavier. Hoped you liked it ;) :) !!!

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