A Poor Man’s Mentality: Discrediting the Realities of Wealth

One morning I heard my uncle(an unemployed degenerate) having a conversation to my sister(a medical worker in an expensive hospital).
At first my uncle was clearly talking how good the hospital was because it serves people of high-social status and foreigners, then he goes on with a familiar holier-than-thou banter. “Do you know the difference between those rich people inside the hospital and the beggars on the street? None, and If you think about it their Christmas is merrier. The rich have all the money, they keep themselves clean, they have regular check-ups etc, but they still get sick. Look at those beggars they eat dirty and don’t take baths and yet they are healthier. At the end their money can’t save them.”

I perceived uncle’s statement as a combination of insecurity and blatant disregard of the benefits that wealth possess in our modern society. A thought that is prevalent among the poor. I believe if an individual considers oneself poor(in whatever part of the world he/she may be) that individual shouldn’t harbor thoughts my uncle has or close to it; for they are self defeating. Money isn’t inherently evil — its basic function is to be the mechanism which enables people to get goods or services. Since money is the mode of payment in our modern society, having an ample amount empowers you to have access to certain goods or services which in turn may positively affect your life.

It is an overwhelming truth that in this hedonistic world our financial capabilities are related to our personal lives and it also dictates what kind of lifestyle we’ll be having. Any individual regardless of their social status shouldn’t scorn people who wants to accumulate wealth or wealth itself; everyone must accept it is essential in our mundane society. And to the masses that considers themselves poor cease the thought that wealth is evil instead embrace it as a medium that can positively change your life.

Our instinctive goal in our lives is at least to have good run in this world. Happiness and security are keys towards our goal, and this world can offer us both if we search within its innate qualities but we can’t be naive of the man-made realities intertwined in it. So if by any chance my uncle will ask you : “What’s the difference between those rich people inside the hospital and the beggars on the street?” Answer him : The people in the the hospital have the power to save their lives and probably live a happy life afterwards, whilst those on the street will have a tough road ahead of them.

Photo courtesy of TaxRebate.org.uk via https://www.flickr.com/photos/59937401@N07/7214443324/in/photostream/

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