15-year-old’s Perspective of the Presidential Election by Noah Rodney

Although I am not allowed to vote because I am only 15 years old, I have tried to learn as much about this election as I can. This presidential election will have a great impact on my future. During the past year I have observed many interesting and disturbing things about how adults act, think, and gather information.
 The decisions of our new president will affect my life in a number of different ways. First, I would like to get a job this summer. What the next president does in respect to taxes and new regulations will affect the availability of jobs and the amount of money I will actually take home. Most of the candidates do not even talk about this, but Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico, does. He would like to limit regulations and have a simple consumption tax. A second way presidential decisions will affect me is education. I am a dual credit student at University of New Mexico and a decision by the president may make it impossible for me to avail myself of this opportunity because it is a state run program. Gary Johnson talks about giving states control over education and allowing school choice, which for me is important because I have been homeschooled most of my life. Lastly, and most importantly, the decisions of the next president related to the military will affect me. I plan to go to West Point Military Academy or join Army ROTC. The president chosen this year will be the commander-in-chief when I enter one of these programs, and may very well start a war that I would have to fight in. Gary Johnson wants to have a strong military, but does not believe we should interfere in every country’s affairs
 Adults in this election seem to be putting a lot of energy into trying to get some really bad people into office. It seems that everywhere you go, people are giving their opinion about who they are voting for and why you should vote a certain way. What is very strange is the number of people who are voting for someone whom they dislike. Everyone seems to be stubborn. I don’t understand how people can support certain candidates after seeing and hearing what they have done and said. Politics has become devoid of what were once known as common values. Most people are voting to keep a person they hate from becoming president rather than voting to elect someone they like. To me it seems that many adults are hypocritical. They tell us to be good, be honest, treat others nicely; yet they are voting for people who are just the opposite of what they preach to us.
 Lastly, I have observed that many adults don’t seem to read or listen to a variety of news. They seem to choose one source, which might be accurate, but often it is not. Most people seem to read only the paid headlines that come up from their email account that do not tell the whole story, or they hear the one sound bite that is played over and over again about someone or something and never bother to research the context out of which it came. My parents encourage me to read a variety of newspapers, plus we listen to a variety of news radio programs and occasionally turn on the tv to watch PBS. We talk about what is said, how it is said, and what information is left out. Since my parents voted for Gary Johnson, they constantly ask me to try to figure out why 3rd party candidates are almost never mentioned in the news. When the Republican party was having their primaries, almost no other candidates were mentioned other than Donald Trump, even though many others were running for the nomination. It seems as though the news reporters are trying to get people to vote for the worst people in America because all of the attention is on the worst candidates.
 Overall, the way that adults have been acting during this election is not only a bad example for the youth in America, but the actions adults are making are going to affect me and others for the rest of our lives.