Largest music job portal in the world helping struggling artist to be discovered

To any artist, especially the up and coming, finding a gig can be one of the most challenging things. When the world has not learnt or heard about a musician or a filmmaker, making it in the industry is a nightmare. One site wants to change all this, through making it easy for musicians and filmmakers to be found. The site, dubbed the largest music job portal in the world, is a unique platform where musicians can build and showcase their talent to the world. is built around the concept of the “let the internet work for you.” A musician builds his or her profile, posts all the relevant information about him or herself and the world will get to learn about it. The platform also makes it easy for people who are looking for artists to perform in their events to easily select a musician of their choice. “The platform allows the musician to meet persons or companies who may be looking for his or her services to meet,” said the Music Freelancer representative while acknowledging that there are so many artists out there who are struggling to get jobs. “We are making it easy for both the musician and the employer to find each other,” added the representative while explaining that an employer is a person or a company which is looking to hire the services of a musician or an artist to perform in an event such as a birthday party, or wedding among other occasions.

Music Freelancer is designed as a one stop shop, where those who are looking to buy or sell musician services can get all that they need without moving from one site to another. Musicians will get all the services that they need as well as be able to connect with those who may be looking for their services.” The musician doesn’t need to leave the site for another service. They can get the job done from scratch to end of the project then able to submit their project to record label companies from the site,” said the Music Freelancer spokesperson.

The music job portal also offers services such as music classified ads, a platform where one can buy or sell a song. It also allows the musician to list their events and locations.

Currently the website is in beta 2.0 and beta 3.0 will be released the end of November with a better looking homepage and being more user-friendly. It’s also will offer a brand new service, which is music distribution as well as a Music contest feature and other services.

“We are the only website that musician can bid on the music project and get hire on the spot. This website will help creative artists find jobs and work in the comfort of their own home,” concluded the company representative while calling on upcoming and established musicians to utilize the platform to promote their work and end the struggles of searching for people to buy their music as well as gigs.

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