The EREIA (Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association) keeps booming with Ivan Abelar at helm.

Edmonton Real Estate Investors Association (EREIA) has marked tremendous growth with the current president Mr. Ivan Abelar at the helm. The organization, which educates and empowers real estate investors, has increased its membership by more than 15 % since January 2016. The not-for-profit organization has a current membership of 1660 with the number expected to rise further judging by the phenomenal growth it has experienced in the first nine month of 2016. Since taking over the leadership, Ivan Abelar has embarked on activities which have seen people who are just starting out in real estate and established investors express interest in the organization’s activities with a substantial number of them joining the association.

The association has had successful seminars and workshops over the year, something that Ivan Abelar, the president of the association attributes to high recruitment exercise. “The activities which the association has organized have attracted people to join the organization,” said Ivan while adding that more activities are lined up between now and the end of the year.
“We have had full room seminars as well as incorporated three trade shows this year,” added Ivan while outlining the other activities that the association has held in the course of year. The activities have been beneficial to members, judging by their response when they were interviewed by this media. One investor mentioned the knowledge and skills he gained in the workshops as invaluable since they have enabled him make wise investment decisions. He was enthusiastic on the type of speakers and coaches that have facilitated the seminars, adding that they were a great source of inspiration. “Ivan & Association have brought some of the best Real Estate investment coaches to Edmonton, the likes of Stefan Aarnio & Dave Dubeau,” said the investor.

We will continue offering our members the best, giving them information that will help them make wise and sound investment decisions. In line with this we are organizing more seminars and talks, our October speaker is Ross Lightle — On the topic of “Making Money through Rent to Own deals and in November we have Josh Buck — “Finding a Real Estate Deal & the Analysis,” revealed Mr. Ivan.
“Our Association is becoming the go to place for all Real Estate owners/investors Investors in Edmonton & its Area,” added Ivan Abelar while outlining some of the area which the association covers.

The president’s work has been recognized by the members with one investor Clayton Smith having this to say about him. “Ivan Abelar does a great job hosting and presenting monthly about local Real Estate Market.”

About EREIA 
EREIA is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to Educate & Empower Real Estate Investors whether novice or expert. Here the investors learn what they need know to buy their first house or hundredth property. Currently the association has over 1660 members. It holds a meeting on the second Wednesday of every month.

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