The Inconvenient Truth about Mobile Advertising in China

  • Media/Channel is the king
  • Clients/Agencies don’t believe in any 3rd/xth part measurement. They only want SALEs.
  • No matter what people state, they do cheap.
  • DSP is fading away
  • Most long tail traffic is own by BAT(Baidu, Ali, Tencent) now. They’ve acquired a lot of SSP/channel.
  • Media/Channel say most of their traffic is open to bid but NOT.
  • OTV(Youku, iQiyi) has way higher % of budget share
  • Media/Channel start selling traffic to oversea due to the slow growing local market.
  • The advertising budget is doing down as economic is going down. Worstly, they are cutting DSP first.
  • Click and impression can be cheap but…
  • Watch out the rebate to agencies
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