Um Peru De Peru Do Peru

Jeffrey Broer
Feb 9, 2016 · 1 min read

Last year mike pesca started using Um Peru De Peru Do Peru on The Gist, his Slate podcast.

So what does it mean and where did it come from?

I tweeted about it back then and got some questions about the origin.

The total assembly of the sentence took 2 of The Gist’s podcasts. The first about words that sounds the same, but can have multiple meanings (homophone), like the country Turkey, and the turkey itself.

Based on that podcast, a listener ( Philo--) tweeted Mike with a Brazilian homophone: Um Peru De Peru Do Peru, because in Brazil, Peru is A) the country, B) a turkey and C) penis. So a Peruvian turkey penis is an Um Peru De Peru Do Peru. (The last “Do” is pronounced “Du”)

That podcast “That Groovy Summer of Love” on mark 23:20 covers the launching of The Gist’s new motto! Philo became the lobstar of the antentwig with that for that episode.

I hope this explanation helped you, let me know with 10+ claps 😁. It keeps me motivated to share and find source podcasts again eventho it took me 12 podcasts to find this one again.

Jeffrey Broer

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Interdisciplinary Layman (as in definition #2) • Innovation • Strategy • User experience • Technology • Derisking Ventures • Hong Kong

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