High Level Existential Crisis

It’s daunting to sit here, attempting to think of something to write. Staring at this blank page, attempting to come up with something witty, or endearing, or even just intelligent (essentially on demand). It’s a daunting task. And, obviously, I’m neither the first nor, I imagine, the last person that this will happen to. Or who will comment on it in a public forum as if this is the first time this entire concept has EVER occurred in the history of existence. But clearly my attempt at it is so much better than anyone else’s. Insert side-eye emoji here.

I’m having an existential crisis in my life. Things have changed drastically over the last year, and that’s only on a personal level. That’s not even counting all of the other nonsense that has changed on a political, or even social level. The short of it is that I’ve experienced a life change which has affected how I view the world, as well as my place in it. And now I’m overwhelmed with possibility. It’s not a terrible position to be in, to be honest. I just worry constantly that I’m not making the right choices, or focusing on the right things. I suppose my main issue is that I find myself pulled in so many different directions because my interests are so varied, and I want to do so much with my life.

I’ve been thinking lately that I should just focus on one thing at a time. What’s that saying where it babbles on about being a master of one thing or mediocre at a bunch of things? Well, I have aspirations to be the King of all things, so maybe this new approach will help in that regard. Step one in my slow crawl to world domination. Look out world, I’ma creep on ya, but not too fast.

Anyway, I’m gonna go eat a cupcake now. Submit your jealous rants to my cat.