Shiitake Spring & Merch

xShrooms: Seasons… Spring schedule and details.

2 min readApr 7, 2024

3 seasons down, 1 season to go. 💪

Please scroll down for the full schedule, details and merch!!!

Summer focus: giveaways, expansion, & traits.

Fall focus: whales, loyalty, & art.

Winter focus: mythic, collabs, & countries.

Spring focus: merch, gifts, & engagement.

Shiitake Spring Schedule & Details

24/7 Continuous giveaway.
Try to win an xShroom every hour.

When: All Spring Long, until June 20th
Where: Discord

Merch Drops
New exclusive xShroom merchandise.
5 total merch drops.

When: Every other Friday
April 12th
April 26th
May 10th
May 24th
& June 7th

Where: xShrooms Shop

Whale Drop
1/1 Whale Art drop
blaze it

When: 4/20

The xShrooms brand and ecosystem is starting to grow larger, just in time for Spring. I’m super excited for merchandise drops as this is something planned for a while. The first merchandise drops will start the shop and proceed to expand it past the Spring.

We grow, grow, and grow. New shrooms continue coming into this ecosystem and we won’t stop. 👑

Want to join the forage? Check out the collection here at
#holdartgetart :)