White Winter & Loyalty Mint

xShrooms: Seasons… Winter schedule and details.

2 min readJan 4, 2024

Shrooms Summer ✅
Fall Forage ✅
White Winterloading…

Please scroll down for full schedule and details.

Each season is a new experiment.

With Summer and Fall having a very “set” schedule, this Winter will be more… mysterious… like a winter whiteout. 😏 Winter weeks will have a theme. Will it be giveaways? new art? free mint? ice-cream? Stay updated during the Winter to find out.

Full Winter Schedule

Mythic Week
January 22 - 25

Collab Week
February 5 - 8

Frog Week
February 26 - 29

International Week
March 11 - 14

Giveaways (Every other Wednesday)
Skipping Frog Week
January 17th & 31st
February 14th
March 6th

When: 4:20pm EST.
Where: Discord

Loyalty Mint
- Free Limited Edition mint for Loyalty Snapshots.
Collectors with 0 listed xShrooms during Fall Forage snapshots.

Where: xrp.cafe
When: January 11th

Allowlist Mints: 5524
Allowlist Wallets

Loyalty Mint. Shroom Blades example.

As always, big appreciation this community! You all keep the mushrooms fun and growing :)

Want to join the forage? Check out the collection here at xrp.cafe.
#holdartgetart :)


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Discord https://discord.gg/xshrooms
Twitter https://twitter.com/xShroomsNFT
Website https://xShrooms.art
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