To the Drifters, Makers, Why-Askers, and Systems Thinkers…
John Cutler

My story is that I left my industry, biopharma, in 2011 simply because place after place was stuck in the “that’s the way we do it” mentality. No place for a constructive nonconformist. One place even went so far as to have the value, “That’s the way we do it…is not an answer.” as part of its value statement. Walking the walk is hard to implement.

I spent a few years delving into another interest that evolved into developing a SaaS solution. I made all of the rookie mistakes but those mistakes introduced me to agile and lean startup. I participated in lean startup weekends and immersed myself in the local startup community.

I began to feel / learn that an agile / lean mindset could lead to greater validation in all facets of life.

An opportunity to rejoin biopharma came in 2016 and my messaging about how I would approach the industry now seemed to resonate. I was excited to take a lead role in running a lean clinical trial experiment. I thought I had permission.

So many people, with so many years of experience that “know how to do drug dev…” has become a greatest impediment.

Rock climbing under a waterfall. Still trying to find that crevice to hammer into while the deluge pours over the top.