“Radish Kimchi” & “Farewell Unlike Farewell” — 12 April 2017

Yes, today I am going there. I feel it necessary to travel for a bit of international flavor (quite literally in one of these song’s cases.) Working on a couple of new projects have been keeping my mind occupied, allowing me to set aside some time to focus on a couple aspects of myself that get me into trouble most often.

Even with all of that active occupation of my mind, I still somehow manage to become preoccupied with thoughts that I should otherwise banish. Surely I am not the only man in the world plagued with constant self-doubt and loathing? Whether it is an invention of my own or if it is a mere survival skill, I still cannot begin to ever believe that I have anything to offer to people. With that in mind, I have vowed to stop having feelings for people for the time being. As much fun as it is to have feelings for someone, in my own experience at the moment I am surrounded with an overwhelming sense that those feelings are selfish on my part because I know that the other person in this scenario is not interested in the slightest. And who could blame him? There’s nothing but depression and a lack of anything resembling an attractive trait. And before anyone contradicts my assertion, it is completely valid. . .

Still the world moves on, and I must inside it. If I may, I would like to propose my favorite line from the film White Christmas: “When you get around to what’s left to be gotten, what’s left to be gotten won’t be worth giving whatever it is you’ve got left.” The reason I love that line so much is that it perfectly inhabits the world of my reality — I cannot live in the moment and have the confidence to enjoy life as it comes and make the moves I feel in the moment without over-thinking everything. Oh well, I will have some lovely stories and melancholy memories for the rest of my life!

* * *

The two songs featured in today’s piece are both performed by the Korean pop ensemble Dickpunks, a fun rock/pop group with a piano-based rock sound, crossing several sub-genres to create a fun sound that I am for some reason inexorably drawn to. For these features, they are joined on the KBS show Immortal Songs 2 by members of the house band and several backup dancers and singers, rounding out their ensemble. Let’s get into the fun!

Radish Kimchi” was a song originally recorded by the Kim Sisters’ because they missed Kimchi as they toured the United States in the middle of the 20th century. Originally performed with a fun easy tempo and many more stereotypical pentatonic runs that the US audience would recognize as “Asian” in the 1950’s and 1960’s, this song gets a truly transformative treatment at the hands of Dickpunks becoming something of an anthem production number with influences of Queen, Ben Folds, and others. (Yes, there are people onstage making kimchi in this video. . .) I hope this little bit of fun brightens your day!

Farewell Unlike Farewell” is something a bit more stark. Admittedly a self-confessional, it is something that I am identifying strongly with at the moment in that I need to say goodbye to the feelings if not the person. There is no use putting myself through the continued stress and questioning everything. I need to let him free of my own hopes and dreams. “Farewell” is truly as it should be.

* * *

There is nothing that I mean more sincerely than someone else’s happiness and well-being. Whatever skills I may possess, none of them are being able to help anyone find their happiness. I only have the opportunity to fill in the space between knowing and meeting truly inspiring people in one’s life. That is a role that I desperately wish not to have, but it is all I am capable of at the moment. For now, I will accept that there are more qualified people in the world to do the inspiring in lives. Not that this means I will be willing to give up on my dream of touching someone’s life — far from it. I just know how hard I truly need to work to get to the point where I am able to have something in my body of work or something in my personality which will prove to be beneficial in another person’s life.

Until those circumstances are right, I have but one choice to focus on making the small changes to become a better human being to myself and others. I will get around to what’s left to be gotten. . . It just may not be today. Here’s to everyone for being able to reach out and do something unexpected today. Do something for you.

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