R&J The Game


What is R&J?

An alternative universe, digitally real, secret game about connection, intimacy, love and loss.

Yeah, but what is it?

It’s a game. You play on your phone over the course of five days. Each day you will receive instructions relaying that day’s task. All tasks can be completed in under 15 minutes if need be but increase in delightfulness through thoughtful contemplation. The game is designed to enhance the week you’re already having, not destroy your productivity ; )

Who is my game partner?

Your game partner is someone you don’t know yet. They’re the person you’re journeying through the game with for the next five days. If you prefer to choose your own partner based on your own criteria for who you’d like to get to know better over the next five days, you are welcome to do so. Just let us know so we can be in contact with them this week just as we will be with you.

What if I want to be paired up but I don’t want to share my phone number with a stranger?

No problem. We’ll pair you with someone via e-mail. You can even make up a new e-mail address to play.

Why is the game called R&J and why does it take five days to play?

R&J is based on Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet, a play that epitomizes the experience of getting to know someone under fantastically time-crunched circumstances. The actions of the play takes place over the course of five days, each of which has a corresponding day in the action of R&J the game. For instance, in day two of the Romeo & Juliet, Romeo and Juliet get married. On day dayof R&J, players make and enact personal vows to one another throughout the day.

Do I need to know anything about Shakespeare to play R&J?

Nope. Not a thing.

What if I feel uncomfortable or want to stop playing?

If you wish to shift gears from the current conversational thread but keep playing the game, text your partner ‘YELLOW.’ If you wish to stop completely, text your partner ‘RED’ and alert the creative team. All players must respect the wishes of their game partner. It takes two to play the game and one to end it.

If I want to share the progress of the game on social media, can I?

#rjgame Share responsibly.

Do I have to follow all the rules?

The rules are strong suggestions meant to enhance your gaming experience. That said, Shakespeare took liberties with his plays and so can you. Enjoy!

Cool, how do I play?

Peruse the characters below and when you choose the one you’d like to play, e-mail this form to info.rjgame@gmail.com with the subject line “New Player.” The next game starts on Sunday, March 18, 2018.