I wonder if the results in the water challenge will mirror the results of the companies themselves if/when they get their own actual products to market.
But can you sell water?
Jason Fried

Four years later and there aren’t any clear conclusions. But here are some data points, cross-referencing data from http://www.techstars.com/companies

1- The top two profit earners (SocialCrunch and SimpleRelevance) were both acquired.

2- Of the four companies that asked for mega-inventory (1000+ bottles): two failed, one was acquired, and one has raised $4m+ and is still active. This feels like high-risk/high-reward tendencies from these founders!

3- Perhaps there’s a sweet-spot in knowing your own abilities? Of the five companies that asked for between 200–500 bottles to sell: one failed, one was acquired, and the three others have raised $3m+ each and are all still going. (If you make the range 200–400 bottles the results are 1 failed and 3 still going.)

4- Of the two companies that sold the most (Peoplematics and Project Fixup), they both lost money in the exercise and both companies ended up failing.

I agree — I love sales exercises like this that Troy ran. And the results are interesting… I’d love a bigger data set to see if more obvious trends would appear.

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