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Notable Quotables

We found this quote on Facebook and traced it back to Tumblr.

“I concentrated on learning a little bit about everything that interested me and a lot about drawing until my hand would respond to what my mind dictated and my brain became a treasure house of pertinent trivia.”

And here is a link to a Buzzfeed post containing 27 Looney Tunes GIFs that’ll put a smile on your face.


We are rewinding to five months ago when we were just starting to post our “News, Views & Clues” on a regular basis.

Our idea is to create a thread — like the Ariadne thread from mythology.

In the Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers discuss the thread.

Moyers: I like what you say about the old myth of Theseus and Ariadne. Theseus says to Ariadne, “I’ll love you forever if you can show me a way to come out of the labyrinth.” So she gives him a ball of string, which he unwinds as he goes into the labyrinth, and then follows to find the way out. You say, “All he had was the string. That’s all you need.”
Campbell: That’s all you need–an Ariadne thread.
Moyers: Sometimes we look for great wealth to save us, a great power to save us, or great ideas to save us, when all we need is that piece of string.
Campbell: That’s not always easy to find. But it’s nice to have someone who can give you a clue.

A clue — Make sense??

A Song

We’ll admit the Enchanted Jukebox which always seems to pick the right song at the right time, had some fun with this week’s song.

The word “Ariadne” looks a lot like Ariana Grande, which triggered one of her hits to play: “Break Free.” Here is a video with lyrics:

This is the part when I break free
Cause I can’t resist it no more…

The actual video has an alien / Star Wars / Star Trek theme going. You can link to it here.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading and #SCMF!

— Annie & The Gang.

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