Rape Culture: Four Things Every Woman Needs To Know
Caitlin Johnstone

None of this makes any sense to me. It’s full of hyperbole, absolutist statements and near-toxic levels of confirmation bias. It’s also reeking of the typical white, privileged college-educated bias sadly found so often in the Feminism movement. :(

I was writing a longer response but I rambled too much. So here’s some things you don’t mention or address anywhere in your piece:

1) Males and Females can both be victims or perpetrators of sexual assault. In fact, there is no racial, gender, age or other barrier to someone being raped or being a rapist.
2) Anyone with power over another, in one form or another, can be an abuser.
3) Sexual relationships are not only heterosexual. They are not always vanilla, either.
4) For that matter, some people don’t like sex at all. Fine for them!

I could go on. Really it’ll take too much time. You just come off with a very, VERY typical view of the Hetero-normative, White, Privileged Women with a College Degree who’s Sure She Has All The Answers Now. But what about the women who sexually assault their lesbian partners, or revenge porn them? What about the female teacher who uses her authority to have sex with a 13 year old male student? Or hey, maybe you should watch this video:

“A call to my childhood rapist teacher”

Honestly, I can’t say it any more bluntly: You’re an idiot.