I really like this point here.

Why “NO woman”? Why not, “No Person”? Honestly, it’s disturbing you don’t think that way.

Here. From this piece on NPR: https://www.npr.org/2013/11/18/245913200/hundreds-arrested-in-massive-child-pornography-ring

“I’ll tell you how it affected me most. I went to Romania. We found out that one of the major suppliers of these films was a child pornographer named Marcus Roth. I ended up in Northern Romania, the far northern reaches of Romania near the Ukraine border; the place where this Marcus Roth came in the early 2000s, after already being charged and convicted in Germany on child pornography charges.

He fled to Romania, and he started teaching young boys karate. He was a karate teacher. Eventually, he started filming them. He posted a few videos onto the Internet, got some positive responses. And it’s at that point he got an email in 2007 from Brian Way in Toronto, and that was the connection. Brian Way asked him if he would make some videos for him. He’d pay him well.

And the boys who came to believe Marcus Roth to be a benevolent mentor would do what he suggested. And so when I met with these boys — all of whom were very gracious, and sat down with me and talked to me, with their parents — they are all deeply affected in ways they’re only beginning to understand, I think. In fact, one of them pulled out a computer, at one point, and called up Google and typed in his name and a couple of other word, and was able to pull up images of himself from five years earlier.

It’s a form of tremendously disturbing exploitation that never goes away for them.”

You’ll note that not a single woman or girl is mentioned there. Do not fall for this propaganda BS that gender matters in sexual abuse. IT DOESN’T.

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