I know, this is not the point, but at the moment living as an expat in one of those “fun” countries…
Ildiko S.

I am an expat from one third world country to a less developed one. Even with my own country not being quite ‘there’, being in a less privileged one has been quite an adjustment, almost overwhelming, so I understand the writer’s point of view. Prevailing over the culture shock and being brave is the triumph of this article. Not celebration or other people’s misfortune. I didn’t hear that nor can I imagine how you formed that opinion. Lots of expatriates from developed world to Africa, from the airport, ride in carefully arranged transportation and retreat to their suburban maisonettes because they read the Wikipedia version of things and ‘know what to avoid’. While caution even to look twice before crossing the road in ‘less fun countries’ is important, I admire and applaud someone with the bravery to attempt to be normal and adapt to fellow humans with humility. Furthermore, and on the other hand, if one is to lament the complete loss of identity and the utterly boring predictability of the ‘less fun countries’, will they also be labelled insensitive about those poor souls of privilege and plenty who live there with no choice but to be so wantingly indisposed?

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