Crash Dummi Update 2

Yesterday was another productive day working on Crash Dummi.

I was able to clear another big hurdle. I had to figure out how to center the map view on the location of the user, and have the map follow the user as they move.

Sounds simple, but nothing is simple when you’re learning a completely new language in two weeks. But the fun is in the challenge!

And, that is all working!

Just a couple more large hurdles to clear and I’ll be at MVP.

These hurdles are:

Learning how the Pub Nub SDK works for live geolocation/map sharing. This includes:

  • Live visual updating of cyclists location on maps in the drivers view.
  • POSSIBLY live visual updating of drivers in cyclists view.
  • Sending notifications to drivers when cyclists are in their immediate vicinity.

The second hurdle is figuring out how to make my app deployable to devices (AKA my iPhone) for testing of the app. I am currently on hold with apple figuring out things with my apple ID right now

Off to code land! Swiftly! (Get it?)