Flaunt Your Pride

This blog with have nothing to do with coding. It’s about something much more important: pride.

More specifically, gay pride.

I decided to write this blog in an effort to combat a whole lot of hate, and join those who have already spread the love.

Over the past week or so during my perusing of the internet, I have seen a lot of support for the LGBT community. Buildings lit up like rainbows, website logos transformed into the lovely colors of a prism, photos, status updates, every color of the heart emoji, ETC ETC.

Nice job, Medium. :)

And that, is very encouraging.

However, in response to this support I have also seen a shocking amount of hate filled messages.

I was born a straight white male. I have zero clue what it is like to be discriminated against even a little bit (Besides being called “hitler youth” on occasion due to my fair complexion, blonde hair and blue eyes, which in its own way is awful, but I’m not comparing that to anything). I don’t know what it’s like to have messages of hate directed towards me.

But I know what its like to read those messages of hate that are directed towards my friends. Towards people I love. Its awful. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be the recipient of them.

Due to my race, gender, and orientation I feel I have grown up with a fair amount of naivety, but as most everyone knows, growing older eventually that naivety goes away.

This past week was a bit of a shocker to me. I feel fortunate to have lived in a bubble most of my adult life, luckily surrounding myself with kind, open minded and progressive people. So much so that messages of hate are rarely seen, and when then are, I am able to join people that I know arguing against them.

But there is still a lot of hate out there.

I don’t care how cliche this sounds.

To all of my friends that are a part of the LGBT community and any other minority, or sect of society that is discriminated against in the slightest, have pride.

Flaunt it. You are you, and you are beautiful. Be as loud about what people think makes you different as possible. Post those pictures. Send those status updates. Argue for what you believe. Protest for what you know is right. Stand up for what you believe. Rise above anyone and everyone who believes that your gender, the color of your skin, or your sexual orientation makes you anything less than a human being.

Above all, be kind.

Here are some resources for LGBTQ support in the tech world:

There are MANY more out there, because for the most part people are awesome. Proud to be a part of an industry consciously trying to promote diversity.

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