I’m posting to Firebase. (Oh yeah, I had to change things)

Well, I’ve dropped pubnub and switched to firebase for real time updating.

I have no clue what I am doing, but that has been the theme for this entire app.

Its both frightening and exciting, and frustrating and rewarding.

Basically, what happened was Pub Nub does not seem to have much support. I’m honestly not sure if it’s bogus, or defunct or what.

I tried running through multiple tutorials with Pub Nub, to no avail. Nothing seemed to work, and the documentation was my only source for assistance. Virtually no posts on stack overflow, or anywhere else on the internet have been made about Pub Nub.

So I decided to go back to the original idea I had before discovering pub nub. And that is to use FireBase to persist data, and update coordinates in real time.

Today I was able to get it installed and running in the app, and speak to the database.

My goal for tomorrow is to be able to post and update the coordinates of a user in FireBase, and hopefully be able to connect that coordinate to an annotation in MapBox.

Thats the update!

Things are really getting down to the wire. I basically have the weekend to get things working and hit MVP. There is still a lot of work to be done. But I think I can do it. One of the advantages of using firebase is that there is a lot of resources on the internet if I get stuck.

I also am glad that I’ll be implementing a backend, as simple as it may be now, it really opens things up for the future of the app and adding features.

Big shoutout to my instructor Zubair for helping to guide me today!