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The role of the CIO is a paradox. CIOs are entrusted with managing technology but in many cases struggle to get a seat at the CEO’s table. In a world where technology and change is accelerating, it’s more critical than ever for CIOs to make a significant impact on business, products, and operations. Yet despite emerging opportunities, many CIOs feel powerless to drive meaningful digital transformation programs.

This interview with Tim Campos, CIO of Facebook during the company’s growth from $1 billion to $30 billion in revenue, was conducted and condensed by Jedidiah Yueh, bestselling author of Disrupt or Die and Executive Chairman and Founder of Delphix. …

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I’m a Patriots fan, but I had a sinking feeling when I read that Tom Brady had won his 3rd MVP the day before the Super Bowl. I’m not superstitious. It wasn’t the curse of the MVP that bothered me (last nine consecutive regular season MVPs have failed to win the big game, Tom included twice).

It was what winning the regular season MVP meant for the Patriots. It meant that Tom was the singular best player in the league, that his contributions above and beyond his team, were enough to highlight him as the best player.

He had a lot to overcome this year, with the loss of Edelman and other top receivers at different times. And a middling defense that gave up a lot of yards in the regular season. And of course, he had passed the 40 mark in age. …

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When I started my second software company, one of my venture capitalists asked if I really planned to build another technology company in a “wasteland” like Orange County.

A wasteland?

I had spent a fair amount of time in Silicon Valley. It looks quite a bit different than Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, or Corona del Mar — the beautiful beach cities of Orange County.

Instead of sprawling land and endless sunshine, you have broken roads meandering aimlessly through the dense, old neighborhoods of Cupertino, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Palo Alto. …


Jedidiah Yueh

Bestselling Author of Disrupt or Die, Delphix executive chairman and founder, Avamar founding CEO

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