Bernie Sander photo: creative commons by Gage Skidmore
Hillary Clinton photo: creative commons by US Embassy London

Dear Progressives, Eye on the Prize

Dear Progressives,

Regardless of whether you support Clinton or Sanders, I urge all progressives to listen to this simple advice if we truly want to make the world a better place:

Vote your conscience in the primaries. Vote for whoever is against the Republicans on election day.

If we want to make the world a better place, then we all have to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. We have to stop arguing with other progressives. We must keep the focus on Cruz and Trump .

The reality is that a candidate needs as much support from their party as they can get if they are going to win. The Republicans are gleeful when they see Bernie supporters trashing Clinton as a establishment shill. They delight when Clinton supporters dump on Sanders as a looney idealist. Neither candidate can win if we split the party.

This is a trap that we can not let ourselves fall victim to. This attitude makes half the democratic party stay home on election day. This is what puts Cruz or Trump in the oval office.

Imagine this: Cruz/Trump becomes president and nominates a conservative to the SCOTUS to fill Scalia’s spot. Congress confirms the nomination. Now imagine if he replaces Stephen Breyer (77) or Ruth Bader Ginsburg (83) (both progressives)— or god forbid both. Birth control through Obamacare? Gone. Access to abortion? Gone. And we can just forget about overturning Citizen’s United. That dream is dead. Corporate money will undermine our democracy for the next generation.

You can believe in Sanders and his revolution, or you can believe that Clinton will get things done through negotiation. But the reality is that either would serve next door to an obstructionist congress and attempt to counter their destructive and conservative agenda.

The most important thing the next president will do is nominate a supreme court justice — or two. If you really care about progressive ideals, the environment, health care, the social safety net , wealth inequality then we must put a progressive — either progressive — in the oval office.

So my advice for progressives:

  • Research Cruz and Trump. Remind yourself how awful they are.
  • Realize that either Sanders or Clinton will be better than Trump or Cruz.
  • Stop attacking the other democratic candidate in social media and conversation.
  • Stay focused on not letting Republicans gain the white house.

Vote your conscience in the primaries. Vote for whoever is against the Republicans on election day.