Generations Y and Z are shaking the corporate world

The youth from the generations Y and Z are not under the influences of old corporate practices. And that’s great! These new professionals grown up using social networks and smartphones. It says a lot about them.

Maybe our oldest readers have an excessive apocalyptic view of them. We also recognize that they must develop more in some aspects, however, we have a lot to learn with their own way of work. That’s why we choose 3 proofs that they have already started to change the corporate world:

Fast communication

The communication into traditional companies isn’t real time and this is a shock for these youth who use to talk by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, etc. Into their world the message must to be direct and clear.

There’s many professionals from 80’s and before who take some specific hour in a day to answer emails. It happens because they worry too much about formality, reading past emails, deleting spams, checking unnecessary copied emails, etc.

Now figure out if we did the same with WhatsApp, for example: taking some hours of a day just to read and respond messages. It wouldn’t make sense, right? Instantaneity is the greatest thing about message apps. Something that emails inboxes can’t offer.

Self learning
When information flows faster the tasks execution is always faster.

They know where to search information. They know how to do a quick web search. Google is one of their best friends. No one can stop these guys.

Besides that, they’re heavy users of online forums where many valued information — or not — is available. For them is possible to learn a little about almost everything.

Notice that we’re NOT saying they don’t need the traditional process of learning like books, courses, etc. We’re meaning that they know how to learn new things quickly and easily.

No formality

No diplomatic formality among them even when they’re in touch with co-workers on different hierarchical levels. That’s amazing when we think about productivity and innovation because it turns the office a place where people feel more comfortable to express themselves allowing the new good ideas come up.

We still have a lot to talk, study and write about the “touchscreen generations”.

Finally we suggest you to give a look at the profile of the new founders and collaborators from the most innovative companies at moment like Uber, AirBnb, Slack, Amazon and NewAgent of course.

Co-authors: Julio Vidotti and Thiago Quitério.

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