Lebron Will Never be as Good as Jordan.

Lebron will never be as good as Jordan. Jordan always found a way to take his mediocre group of teammates, put them on his back, and win in the NBA Finals.

Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson, tied for 1st all-time with 9 NBA titles, merely drew up the play to get the ball to Jordan. MJ did the rest.

Scottie Pippen, an average talent at best, somehow made it to the NBA HOF. Pippen was on All-NBA teams and the All-Defensive First team(s) nearly every season of the 90s. Pippen was merely a role player and always knew his place behind Jordan.

Dennis Rodman was nothing more than a distraction that the Bulls played through with the help of Jordan’s coaching ability on the floor. While Rodman also somehow managed to make it to the HOF, and all-defensive first teams, the Bulls won in spite of Rodman.

Obviously I’m being very facetious about the above mentioned people. They were great talents. Also, I don’t post this to slight Michael Jordan. I think Jordan is still the greatest to ever play in the NBA. However, I think when we criticize Lebron for joining a “super team”, it’s very hypocritical given the above information. Or, thinking because he’s lost in the finals he’s a failure. Did you see his supporting cast this year? The first finals he appeared in? Pretty sure he didn’t have any hall of fame help.

Sure, “The Decision” was a douche move. He’s admitted that. I didn’t like him after that either. That said, I think coming home to Cleveland took some real guts and made me change my opinion.

I also think to dismiss him as one of the best to ever play in the NBA is ludicrous. Lebron’s performance in this finals, win or lose, has been nothing short of impressive. I’m not going to crucify the guy. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the fact that I may have been able to watch the two greatest NBA players ever in one lifetime.