Best Nightclub in Hollywood

Hollywood, Los Angeles is the city that never sleeps. With celebrities and big budget films always around, the place can never be quiet. Hollywood is always bustling and with its one of a kind nightlife it will mesmerize you. Now, if you ask “What’s the best club in hollywood?” Then Ohm Nightclub is the answer you will get. Frequented by celebrities and bigshots of Hollywood, Ohm Nightclub is the lifeline of Hollywood’s nightlife. If you really want to experience what a night in Tinsel town feels like, then this is the place for you.

What separates Ohm Nightclub from other pubs and discos is its innovative styling and passion to create an extraordinary night for each visitor. Located just across the iconic Hollywood Boulevard, Ohm Nightclub is frequently visited by world class DJ’s and artists. With the help of special effects, cutting edge technology and equipment, the club offers you the most unique experience in all of Hollywood. Parties, events, celebrity visits are planned throughout the weekend to keep you entertained. You can also visit the official website of Ohm Nightclub to keep yourself updated about the latest events. The tickets can be booked online as well.

The unique bottle service tables are one of the reasons why Ohm Nightclub is constantly featured amongst Top 40 clubs in hollywood. The interiors of the club are innovative, trendy and one-off. Spacious mocha sofas keep you comfortable; psychedelic tables that keep you in the groove; in built phone chargers that help you upload photos all night and much more to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime experience.

The club can be contacted for organising various kinds of events. These are briefly described below:

Private Events | Banquets: The team of experts at Ohm Nightclub specialize in creating unforgettable and spectacular events. For private events and banquets, the interior of the club is decorated with freshly cut flowers. Mouth-watering delicacies and soothing music ensure that your guests have wonderful, peaceful and relaxing night.

After Parties | Nightclub: Ohm Nightclub surely is one of the best Dance Party clubs in hollywood. The main club boasts of a 150,000 watt powered sound system and high definition video mapping system with a relay of 160 LED’s. It is the perfect location for movie screening, engagements and events that involve speaking and all night dance parties. Moreover, the specialists at the club have engineered a fully integrated lighting array system that has dazzling visuals.

The Ohm Lab | Celebrations: The Ohm Lab experience is also one of a kind. It has its own DJ booth unique industrial decor wine barrel seats that help you lay back and enjoy the evening.

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