I Just Jumped into the Blogging World

So here I am. It has been a very long time since I first thought about creating my own personal blog. And today here it is: my first blog post!

What an amazing day! It is sunny outside, summer is arriving smoothly and the sun is setting gently behind the hills. Perfect!

I always wanted to talk about technology, about new things coming out of someone’s creative mind, about great inventions I could find on KickStarter, about things I care about. But I never got started because I thought what I wanted to talk about was not good enough.

Today, before starting this blog, I read this great post and this sentence really made me realise I should start today, not tomorrow.

I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about. That project, that blog, that website, that thing. Just start. — Bianca Bass

I just finished my personal website mylifeonascrumboard.com and I also have some projects going on. But blogging? Never started. Never found the inspiration. What I found instead? A lot of excuses not to get started.

I never blogged before so I feel strange sharing my thoughts out into the world. But I got there, I feel good having started this. I will no longer be able to say that I am not blogging because the truth is that now, I am!

I never thought I’d actually do it. You, reading this article, might feel the same right now. Click your avatar on the top right corner, then click New story, seeing this blank personal space for expressing your ideas really help. Go ahead!

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