UK Grime wave in France

I was asked to write an article about “Grime” from a French perspective, how do we from the other side of the Chanel perceive this musical genre, if it can be considered as one.

I guess it will sound as a deception for the English, who are so proud of grime, but in Paris we are still to know the difference between “English Rap” and “Grime” since at the end of the day both are MC’s spitting at a very fast rate for grime but it is still sounds as MC’s spitting on a beat with a British accent.

I know by now ,since my sister in England has been adamant about it “GRIME AND RAP are two different things”. In France for a lot of people grime is still just the word the British use to call “ENGLAND RAP” in order to feel special. We are talking about the people who refused to join the Euro zone, and who voted to leave the EU, your history of trying to be different from the continent speaks for itself.

But in recent years, Grime has obviously become a Global phenomenon thanks to Kanye and Skepta, and Paris hasn’t been spared by the craze, a lot of grime parties have been organised in the french capital, and also a french rapper Sneazzy West remixed “Shutdown”, the song is called “Gaddem” which is something new for us.

This doesn’t mean Grime is a thing, obviously more people listen to it, but they see Skepta as a rapper and not a grime artiste. Grime is still an underground/hipster trend, and most Grime artist don’t get radio air play in France. We also don’t have rave culture, raves have always been a venue for grime to flourish, which means grime artists despite being 3hrs away from paris by eurostar, will have to make it big in the US before getting attention in Paris.

Eyes are turned towards London right now, every one is eager to see where grime is going. Big stars like Skepta are building up quiet a following in Paris, JME too, but so is Little simz who is a rapper and not a grime artiste if i am correct. We don’t see the différence as that obvious and we definately don’t have to time to think about who is doing what, as long as the sound is good.

Merci et Au revoir.

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