The solution to every problem you have.

Why Simple?

Because when things are complicated, they are just not right. There’s always a simpler way. We just need to find that way out. And the beauty is, this mantra applies to everything. People, profession, technology, studies, everything. Just think about it.

Everything you do, or are doing is just to make life simpler. You are making money, to make life more comfortable, for you, for your family, for your coming generations, so that they don’t need to struggle and can lead a happy life.

Happiness lies in simplicity.

Humans are social animals. We love to bond with other humans and desire a good social life. Or rather a simple social life. We love our friends because everything with them is just simple, we just enjoy and speak ourselves out without much thoughts or complications. That defines a good friendship. Same goes in relationships, if there’s complications, there will be fights. A good and lasting relationship is the one that is simple. If you are comfortable with a person, and you don’t think too much about how to behave with a certain person, then you can say you are in a happy relationship.

Every company today is working for one goal. To make our lives simpler. Be it with the use of virtual assistants, doorstep delivery, etc. Simplicity sells.

‘Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.’ — Richard Branson

I guess the idea is getting clearer. If you think about it, everything comes down to making things simple. Let me leave you with this simple idea. Just give it a thought.

Is what you are doing right now enjoyable and simple, or does it take a lot of effort and thought?

Strive until everything in life is simple. Success is in simplicity.