Jitender Goswami
3 min readJun 23, 2021


Jitender Goswami Social Media Marketing Specialist & The Owner Of SMMPackage a Complete Social Media Marketing Agency..

About Jitender Goswami & their Digital marketing Services…

In this digital world where almost everything is done online, SMMPackage is always at your service. This is a global social media marketing agency that is already operating in 10 countries. It is located in India. With qualified staff who have high tech skills and experience, the company offers the best digital solutions. It was founded in January 2019 by Jitender Goswami, a self made digital marketing expert who is also the current CEO. Passion and hard work are the two key factors that drive him as a leader.

SMMPackage is a google certified company that guarantees it’s clients of reliable and satisfiable services. It’s competitiveness has also earned it a five star rating from previous clients. Our mission is to create a friendly and competitive environment to our clients and ensure that their businesses, content and products get to reach a variety of potential audience or consumers. This is achieved through our expertise in online marketing.

The company offers a lot of services for instance ;

1. Social Media Marketing
Through the use of various social media networks and platforms, the agency is able to market your products and services. We use tools that enable your products to be identified by already existing consumers or even new ones.

2. Search Engine Optimization
This agency puts in digital marketing skills that improves the chances of clients’ websites to appear at the top in sites during search. This is achieved by skillful use if keywords, phrases, algorithm, clarity of language and website updates amongst others.

3. Social Media Optimization
We use various social media platforms for instance Instagram and Pinterest to create online presence of a company or business. We create and increase awareness of new products and ensure that there is connection with the potential customers.

4. YouTube Monetization
A good number of YouTube content creators usually target the monetisation of their channels. However, before being accepted into the YouTube Partnership Programme, one should have one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours. This platform uses digital marketing tools that enables your channel to reach a wider audience. Through that, the channel is able to acquire new subscribers and more viewers with time. This way, the channel easily meets the Monetization threshold.
So far, this agency has worked with over 100 creators and all their channels were successfully monetised.

5. Facebook Monetization
For a Facebook page to be monetized, it should meet requirements such as 10,000 followers, 600,000 minutes viewed within a period of 60 days and 5 active videos. We help clients achieve these requirements within a short period of time by helping to distribute their content to the suitable audience. The audience in most cases interact with the content and follow the page. Through this, the number of followers and watch time will grow.

6. Google Ads
As far as Google Ads is concerned, we use tools that work towards making the online presence of a business bigger. This advertising service helps in attracting customers who are searching for products that your business offer. We assist in writing ad copies and selecting the right key words.

7. Website Design
The company also deals with designing of websites for other companies, businesses , individuals and even creators. We pay key attention to the basic elements of web design like visibility, interaction, content, usability and aesthetics.

8. Website Traffic
We also work on generation of real or organic traffic for websites.

9. Content Writing
Websites content writing is also offered. We create content for websites that is suitable for a particular target audience. We also ensure that the information is relevant and contains key words that improve the website’s SEO.

The customer care office is usually open 24/7, this ensures reliable and effective communication between the clients and the company. You can make enquires and place your orders at any time of the day. The clients can also do follow up easily on the progress of the orders they made hence transparency is guaranteed. In case you are looking for a digital marketing agency, look no further, SMMPackage got you covered.