Why we should STOP posting and sharing in social media

Based on my experiences in the Internet, I think that more people should stay away from sharing and posting in social media. It is overrated. It is addictive. And it impacts neither our life nor others. Here are my thoughts about why social media posts are unnecessary, and should be curbed.

Social media are not what we think.

Social media are engineered towards addiction To secure advertising revenues, the folks who run Facebook or Instagram have to design social media to be as addictive as possible. Gone are the days that social media is to connect people in your life — we are more or less obsessed rather than using it as a tool of communication. Worst part is social media like Facebook, are not transparent.

Our likes and attention are our motivation. Other peoples’ drama is our entertainment. Their wonderful and bubbly snapshot of their lives is the source of our depression. We don’t get to choose in social media — it is a cesspool.

Start to connect closely to our families and close friends. Find our pack and love them for the rest of our life.

Most people just want our drama.

Remember when we gossip about somebody’s wedding event posted in Facebook? After all the good parts of the occasion, we still can find bad things to talk about — the makeup, the body of the bride, the ugly friends, and that underdressed bloke. We pesky little humans will not stop finding drama to entertain ourselves.

I admit I am part of this shame but I am trying my best getting away from it now — and boy it is tough. Nonetheless we should always gear our conversation to higher ideas. Playing around with social media posts for the dramas and gossips, is just another way to keep tapping to our lower selves at the expense of other people. And knowing that we can talk bad and feel bad about people discretely through social media, I think it is pathetic.

By sharing our life in social media, we are vulnerable. We are defenseless against the judgements and comments. Some can be used to hurt us in the real life. If we can’t handle it, we should stop. Do not feed the trolls.

Keep our own life to ourselves. It is a gift.

Our posts don’t matter.

Okay but what about sharing current issues, motivations, life lessons and the good wise things? We can educate, empower people in the Internet and do good!

I am sorry to pour cold water but, if we look closely in real life, people are very, very, very different. All of us have bills to pay, sufferings and happiness to attend, a daily life to manoeuvre and all sorts of people to cater to. Life is multi-dimensional, ever-changing and dynamic.

Hence most of the social media posts, inspiring or not, is a hype. They can be quite forgettable after some time, and incompatible to each of our individual lives. Some of us still believe by slicing part of our good thoughts and part of our life, we empower our “friends” and “readers” in the social media. I have to humbly disagree.

This is simply because learning and growing are our own volition. In other words, we only take advice that we want to listen — we educate ourselves. If a person wants to take the lesson, they will. If not, our beautifully inspired Facebook post will be just another scroll-down-worthy overrated rubbish.

If you really want to empower, talk to people and be kind in real life.

I do not only believe we stop sharing in social media, we should stop using it altogether — find out my gradual Facebook exit from this article in Medium.