Jeeves Box is here!

Jeeves Box is here!


The last few weeks we have been bugged by one thing: why do we need to spend time and effort to get our favourite stuff? In a world that everything is automated, in a world that people are getting more and more into healthy food and quality diet, why do we need to get random things from the supermarket instead of our favourite small shop?

So we decided to do something about it. The idea was simple: you go to the website, you select what you want, you select how much you use every week and somehow you get it delivered at your doorstep every couple of weeks time. No need to go and get it. No need to remember to reorder. No need to have a million different deliveries. No commitments, snooze and cancel your subscription as you like. Nice and organised, one box with all your favourite stuff.

Simple as it sounded, someone needed to do it. So we set up our website, started with a few amazing products from various specialty shops around London that we love, got a few boxes and here we are! In a nutshell, meet Jeeves, your favourite valet who will make this a reality!

We are so excited about this journey! Hope you enjoy it along the way with us!

P.S. This is only the beginning for us and we’d love to hear your thoughts — you can write to us, or find us on the internets here, here and here.

We are all pumped up and can’t wait for the next version of this newsletter in a couple of weeks time. Till then,


The Jeeves Box team

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