They Say I’m An Extrovert

I am an introvert, unashamedly, proud of it and very comfortable with it. But in my recent hiking trip to Philippines, many thought I’m an extrovert because I talk a lot (really?) and always try to find something to talk about (that’s true).

Why an introvert talk so much?

That’s because I want to break the ice. I know how it feels to be the new guy in a group, because I know how it can be challenging for some people to blend in a new circles. Over the years I’ve learned from many friends on how to make new people feel easy, at home, comfortable and appreciated. But more than just that, I see their heart that genuinely want to connect, care and accept people.

And here’s my point.

Whether you’re extrovert or introvert, we may have different personalities, but we can have the same heart beat — to put others first, to put others before ourselves. In the past many have made me feel welcomed, belonged and appreciated in their circles, so I want to pass the same values to others.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about me.

But I’m still an introvert la ok.

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