This Is Not An Ordinary School

Yesterday while I was in this school, I saw parents came to this school with KFC and daily household product, waiting for their children. They’re not here to pick up their children to go home, but they’re here just to see them. Because this is not an ordinary school, it’s a juvenile school where youth with offense record will be separated from their family and stay in this school for up to 2 years or more.

One of the family caught my attention when this girl came to them, she gave her grandfather and father salam by kissing their hand symbolizing respect and seeking forgiveness. She then happily show them some certificates, one of them is from our program, and telling them what she learn in the programs. The grandfather and father listen to her attentively, looking glad and proud on their face, they then continue on with their simple KFC lunch, having a good but limited family time together.

I walked away feeling glad that our program means something to the youth, it’s heart warming to see family accept and embrace their children despite their past mistake.

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