Team Gosling

2016 was a year for many moving movies from comedy to drama. Picking the best actor or actress of the year is always a challenge because of the different styles and types of roles that these actors have to play. Every year when the Oscars come around, I can’t help but make myself a bowl of popcorn and lay on the couch watching the movie stars walk the red carpet with their elegant dresses and suits, receiving awards for their roles. I always attempt to guess who is going to win, most of the time being wrong because I am no movie expert. 2016 proved to be different than years before for me though, because I had watched many movies and noticed a star that stood out from the rest in his acing abilities.

I believe that the best actor of 2016 was Ryan Gosling for his roles in the two films La La Land and The Nice Guys. Both roles were different from his usual movie starring, which showed him in romantic comedies and dramas. The Nice Guys was a comedy which he played a lead role in as a dead beat detective that paired up with a hit-man to solve the mysterious murder of an actress. In this role, he brought the comedic character to life and showed his versatile skills as an actor. La La Land, a musical drama, shows the softer side of Gosling as an actor when he plays the role of a struggling pianist that falls in love with an aspiring actress. The film was nominated for many awards and the Golden Globe for best actor was awarded to Gosling at the end of the year.

Having stunning good looks and a charming personality is something that can’t hurt Gosling’s career either. If anyone has ever watched the classic chick flick “The Notebook”, Gosling sure wins over the heart of the girl he fights for love with (and pretty much every girl that watches the film- including me). With all of these examples, it is safe to say that Ryan Gosling was the over-all best actor of 2016.

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