Just a few months ago, on May 1 2019, we celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of Uncork Capital — an important milestone for our firm, which was among the very first “Micro VCs”. We enjoyed the company of hundreds of our friends at the San Francisco Mint that day, and expressed our thanks to our entrepreneurs, executives and investors who have given us the opportunity to back 218 startups to date — including Brightroll (Yahoo), Fitbit (FIT), Eventbrite (EB), Sendgrid (SEND/TWLO), Vungle (Blackrock), Postmates, Poshmark and so many others.

As we were getting ready to celebrate our anniversary, in early April…

On May 1, 2004 our son Axel turned 7. It’s also the day Uncork Capital started its journey, as SoftTech VC. I had finally gotten rid of my Nextel GSM phone (one of the only phones I could buy in the US that would also work in Europe, at an exorbitant rate). Barely anyone investing in Web 2.0 companies, the new generation of web startups that would see the rise of Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so many more social media giants. …

We are excited to be involved in today’s launch of Project #MovingForward

At Uncork Capital, we are committed to offering a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment for everyone in our entrepreneurial community. We believe people, companies, and communities thrive when teams are diverse and inclusive.

We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment or discrimination by or towards our employees, consultants, vendors or other services providers, as well as by or towards our startup founders or their employees.

We have had this policy for a while now, but we’re grateful to the leaders of Project #MovingForward, Cheryl (Yeoh) Sew Hoy and Andy Coravos to inspire many firms (57 and counting) to…

Today SoftTech VC announces a new name, identity, and website.

Ten years ago, I was on stage at TechCrunch 40 in San Francisco to officially announce SoftTech VC II, one of the first institutional seed funds in the market. Today, as my team and I begin our second decade of fund investing, I am excited to introduce our new brand: Uncork Capital.

I started angel investing in 2004 to serve a then-unmet need of startup founders: active support and capital for a new breed of capital-efficient companies in their first 18 months of life. The SoftTech name was a mash-up…

Jeff Clavier

Founder of Uncork Capital, one of the OG micro-VC firms. BOD member, NVCA. Invested in 200+ cos. Dad of 2, wino, skier, happily living in Palo Alto/SF/Kirkwood

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