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I’m in Mississippi right now with my same-sex spouse at his mother’s; we’re here from home in New England for stretches providing support for aging-in-place. I’m Oregonian by birth and outlook. This brief commentary and the charts may tie resistance to places across the US. Mississippi is special, of course, 50th out of 50 on so many scales or Number 1 if reversed. Poverty. Education. Job growth. Job opportunities. Health. Optimism. Flight of young once educated. Suicide. As of today I think I’ve broken the code of this new anti-LBGT law. This super-majority Republican Legislature, the Speaker, the Governor, and the Lt Governor (Senate head) made this happen in just days, and were the authors and/or direct movers. They acted in secrecy or just lied, as the Governor did in saying he would study it and give full consideration — instead signing it hours later. Now, the law is riddled with unfixable Constitutional flaws, 1st and 14th Amendment alone. They knew this and rejected hearings, fixes, amendments, process. They know that Mississippi’s largest employers, the multinationals like Toyota and Nissan with their multi billion plants, won’t stop objecting. Nor will MGM Grand Casinos and you name it — every corporation with real domestic employee policies alone. And more. Federal lawsuits will soon be filed. As soon as they are, the radical right fundraising machine will crank up featuring “unelected federal judges” remaking Mississippi state laws “protecting white and black Christians” from “those who are …”. And so it will go on for a while, and lots and lots of national monies will be raised. For the Mississippi Republicans who are not successfully governing, who cannot manage to fully fund schools or roads or to lift this state out of 50th place despite decades of massive subsidies from the rest of us, this is bad. People grow restive. The super right wing took on Senator Thad Cochran and lost. But it emboldened them anyway of course. Now they need serious big money to find re-elect these non-performers and groom new ones. And to create new smokescreens. Make sure the Congressional delegation opposes progress, but secretly gets the federal pepperoni on the conditions that it not be labels such ever. So that’s my analysis. It’s specific to Mississippi but a commentary on national politics, money politics, lying and performance, thin reporting, and queers being the hated bait yet again, until the con game is revealed and reported with consistency.