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I recently met with a friend, and an old colleague. We hadn’t seen each other in over 9 months, but had spoken several times. It was great to finally meet up and share stories. As it turns out – that time of reflection was great for both of us on personal and professional levels.

We talked about some of the things we have overcome, and what we learned through some of that adversity. We did not dwell on the past in that conversation as we had both moved well past that. Instead our conversation focused on the what was in store for us going forward!

One of the key lessons for me as a leader, a son, and now also as a father – is that I can learn from anyone, at anytime. This meeting would not be an exception.

I am so appreciative for the advice I got over this dinner. What I received from this colleague, in this meeting, helped me get out of my own way. He reassured me that I already have personal and professional experiences that can help people right now. “Don’t wait, start now” were his words.

I have now started, and I am excited about what I can share! If one thing I write about, helps one person, I will have succeeded!

I am still reading books, listening to podcasts, and reviewing blogs. I am focused on being present for my interactions. I have a lot to learn, and I will try to share those learnings with you as I go.

I have started to write my first book. Here are some of the topics I plan to include (which I will blog about over the coming weeks):

Strategic Leaders are Humble – my own challenges and growth

  • Great leadership requires humility.
  • The thinking mind. How I was able to recognize my ego and stop making excuses. My path to trusting myself.
  • How I strive to be “present” for people. Listening to learn. Listening to let go.
  • How I overcame professional adversity and became truly humble. “Do the right things”…..
  • The strategic triangle – what you need before any strategy will be successful.
  • My opportunity to create a vision, mission, and guiding principles.
  • Don’t let the failures overcome you. Learn to narrow the focus.
  • Let your A players be your A players. A lesson in diversification.
  • A change based on values.
  • How I was able to overcome the behaviours I learned as a child, behaviours I didn’t need as an adult.
  • Anyone can create a strategy – few can execute successfully.
  • Test your current strategic priorities. Does your team know them ?
  • Lessons from the book – Good to Great by Jim Collins.
  • Get the right people, in the right positions, using the right systems.
  • Become the hedgehog.
  • Face the brutal facts and define your path to be the best.
  • Define the company mantra.
  • Focus on the select few goals and get alignment. Tools in the toolbox.
  • Communicate your goals. Communicate your goals. Communicate your goals………………
  • Build trust through success and you gain velocity.
  • Create a system of accountability and follow-up.
  • Build a culture of commitment.

Business Pinch Points

  • Outsourcing recruitment. When, why, how.
  • What is a management system and do we need one ?
  • KPI’s can create autonomy. Get alignment and then let your leaders lead.
  • What is accountability and why do so many leaders struggle with it ?
  • How do you hire for the future ?
  • Can you create budget control with autonomy ?

Some additional Pinch Points to discuss:

Why our kids are not landing jobs after university.

What I learn about leadership from parenting.

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