Jeffrey Wilcke
Aug 2, 2016 · 1 min read

Sorry you seem to be a bit contradictory in your statement

Of course we can also try another approach where a certain committee can overrule/change contract code in certain cases. I guess this is what ETH is supposed to be now. What it lacks is the actual committee and its rules of operation.

Does it have or doesn’t it have? Wouldn’t you agree there is a social consensus on a very large scale? (I’m not referring to the miners, they will follow the price of Ether).

Thanks for sharing your opinion though. I will not try to convince you otherwise on why the HF is important, I think enough has already been said and done. I’ll respect your opinion and leave it at that (though I’m still interested to hear on the earlier made comment!) :-)

In any case we’ll have an interesting road ahead, one in which we must safeguard and further strengthen our position within the Wild West. I believe we can solve any future HF issues and decision making in future using contracts on-chain that will determine the ultimate fate of the chain (I’ve already heard some very interesting proposals).

Forward and onward!

Jeffrey Wilcke

Written by

Ethereum Founder, Ether hacker & Gopher

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