I’m sure I’ve overlooking an obvious answer or at least your perspective, but these two bullets are…
David Chase

I hear you… there are definitely still reservations about moving everything into the cloud. I’d like to knock down every last wall.

Everything in the “public” cloud is the right way to go in the long run. Managing the protection of your own files is like keeping your cash under your own mattress rather than keeping it in the bank (in some ways safer, but in other ways… not really).

Cloud storage is still in its first generation. We live in a world of silo’ed clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). A more true vision of the cloud is where everything is truly available everywhere but properly protected so that only those that are authenticated and authorized can really access it.

We’re in the process of making that happen. We especially want to make our encryption functionality much more user-friendly (right now it works but can take a little bit of time to figure out) which is a necessary piece to making that vision a reality. Sure, everything being available means that someone who has found your information can try to brute-force hack at it, but as long as the pace of encryption technology keeps outpacing the ability to brute-force attack your data (one file at a time), then it would take forever for someone to get meaningful access to the file. (Quantum computing may drastically affect the time required to brute force attack encrypted files, but that is still a ways out). Anyway, your data could be very, very stale before someone finally breaks into it. Data usually does have a natural lifetime/usefulness associated with it.

And, yes, we don’t want our customers worrying about being locked in / locked out, either, so we’ll have a standalone downloadable tool that lets you decrypt the encrypted files straight from your storage provider even if you stop using odrive.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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