6 Ways B2B Brands Can Convert With Video

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If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to yell “Action” and record a B2B marketing video. Billions of videos are viewed online — every day. And your customers want even more. Some 43% of people want to see more marketing videos. Here’s what you need to know about types of video content that fit your B2B marketing strategy.

Why use video?

Humans process video 60,000 times faster than text. No wonder marketers are turning to the short brand video to inspire and inform customers.

According to Forrester research, incorporating video onto a landing page boosted conversion rates by more than 80%.

Source: Vidyard

6 Types of Videos to Convert Leads

There are several types of video your B2B marketing strategy might employ. Here are some strong examples of each to highlight the possibilities.

Brand video — Inspires an emotional affiliation with the brand and/or raises awareness. A clever example is Zendesk’s top of funnel promo video touting the customer service software provider’s ability to improve the relationship between business and customer.

Testimonial video — Offers clients testimonials about the brand benefits and service value. Or could be employee interviews expressing company culture. The example below combines the Brand and Testimonial video for Slack.

Informative video — Helps your customers make decisions by proving marketplace or industry insights, often featuring a company spokesperson. SaaS marketing platform Hubspot, for instance, has a series of videos addressing the “biggest problems heads of sales and marketing face today.” These videos are an easy way to show you understand your customer.

Explainer video — Boosts conversion rates with information that help customers better understand a complicated process or high-concept service. This animated explainer video for Traqtion illustrates how its software helps you manage compliance in your supply chain.

How-to video — More detailed than an explainer video, these focus specifically on “how-to” do a specific action or particular process related to your product. The energetic Errol at Method CRM helps someone with a problem with a pen in this example.

Chalk talks — if you’ve seen the UPS ads, you know what dry erase board drawings can do. These are good to offer buyers expert advice on specific topics, typically when they are in the consideration stage. This example is from Vidyard, about developing a video strategy. So, the video offers insights while proving a good example for this article — you’re welcome.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it summarizes some of the more common types of video content B2B marketers are using today to drive conversions. I’ll offer some tips to make the most of your B2B video marketing efforts in my next post.

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